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DustStop powder, the only dust & soil erosion control product that is organic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly that has been tested and approved for use by multiple government agencies. DustStop has passed toxicity and performance testing by the US Geological Survey for use in the US Fish & Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge System. It has passed toxicity testing by the US Geological Survey for products listed for use by the US Forest Service. No other product in the industry can claim these credentials. Call us to see how your dust and/or erosion control issues can be resolved with DustStop the most environmentally friendly & biodegradable product available in the industry.EPA 2012 Effluent Limitations Guidelines & Standards for Construction & Development(Comply with the new standards for SWPP, check pages 13 & 14 of this file, section E, we are a polysaccharide non cationic based product).  LIQUID DUSTSTOP INTRODUCED! Click here.

All products are manufactured using renewable and sustainable material sources.


Environmental Dust Control & Soil Stabilization
DustStop is an organic 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly multi use dust suppressant / dust control product that effectively eliminates unwanted fugitive dust from dirt roads or unpaved roads consisting of any soil type.DustStop has the ability to be effective in dry weather yet not run-off in the rain. The product is very resistant to breakdown by both enzymes and UV rays. It has the ability to stand up to heavy haul truck traffic, is applicable on any soil type and is a 100% environmentally friendly dust control/soil stabilization and soil erosion product. So to sum up all these points, it is environmentally friendly and it works! Another benefit of DustStop is that it is available in powder form, allowing for easier transport and storage compared to traditional liquid dust suppressant products.
DustStop is mixed with water and is applied topically to the road or soil. Once the film dries on the road it will eliminate the dust and will provide soil stabilization properties while the film remains intact. The product is non-conductive, non-corrosive and will not harm the trucks used to apply it or any vehicles using the DustStop treated roads. DustStop is utilized on haul roads, logging roads, secondary roads, solar plants and on any soil that requires dust control, soil erosion and dust suppression or even temporary soil stabilization results. DustStop is a perfect cost effective alternative to geotextiles  used for temporary or seasonal erosion control and slope stabilization.BeforeAfterDustStop’s low to no toxicity levels make it a perfect solution for storm water runoff applications and for use in areas were water sources or supplies are present and in agricultural, wildlife marine and land habitats. It does not contain any carcinogenic or cationic elements, acetates, acrylics or acrylamides. It is a polysaccharide product. DustStop can also be used for hydroseeding as a combined binder, tackifier and growth medium.
Environmental Bioremediation for Water Clean-up, Wastewater & Soil  Remediation & Odor Control

UltraZyme is a blend of organic 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to bioremediate organic wastes and provide odor control in a variety of water and waste-water treatment related applications. UltraZyme products are available in both liquid and powder form to meet the individual demands of a number of water treatment needs. The enzyme / bacteria cultures contained in the products are precisely chosen to rapidly consume the wastes   commonly found in the treatment environments in which the products are traditionally applied.UltraZyme can improve the efficiency in many of the steps involved in the wastewater treatment process. As the water remediation takes place simultaneous odor control occurs due to the reduced organic load present in the water that is normally the cause of the odor. Therefore UltraZyme does not just mask the odor; it attacks it at the source to permanently eliminate the problem.UltraZyme products can be used to improve the efficiency during many steps of a wastewater treatment process. Both the liquid and powder versions are in concentrated form allowing for efficient, cost-effective use in both small and large-scale water treatment applications. Any microorganisms present in UltraZyme are fully non-pathogenic so the product is safe to use in any environment, including those close to people, animals and containing aquatic life of all kinds.UltraZyme is also available in a version that is specifically designed to safely consume and digest hydrocarbons for oil spills on land and industrial effluents (such as fracking operations) containing a high percentage of hydrocarbon material.

UltraZyme can be used for cooling tower water treatment and in any process that uses water to process waste heat.
Environmentally Friendly Stabilization of Clay-Based Soils
EarthZyme a is an organic 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly non-toxic multi use enzyme soil stabilizer used on clay-based soils that reduces road maintenance costs due to the increased and lasting compaction and strength values that result from the product’s application.EarthZyme’s application to an applicable soil will result in higher CBR values (a measure of soil strength) and will allow for the use of marginal soil materials therefore reducing the standard reliance on expensive aggregates and gravels. The stabilized soil will have a lower permeability due to the increased soil density, resulting in a harder more durable road in both dry and wet weather. EarthZyme is 100% biodegradable and derives its efficacy on the clay-based fraction of the soil. After EarthZyme’s application the clay particles present in the soil are no longer attracted to water, allowing for any water in the soil to drain away freely resulting in the clay/soil particles settling closer together and producing lasting effects of soil stabilization.EarthZyme is available in liquid form and is applied using standard equipment and techniques. Once applied, EarthZyme will reduce the tendency for a road to exhibit a number of common maintenance problems such as wash-boarding, rutting, heaving, potholing and dust. The product is super-concentrated, therefore making the product cost negligible per kilometer or mile of road treated compared to alternative products or standard maintenance costs of un-stabilized gravel roads. EarthZyme is used primarily to stabilize the base of an unsealed road but can also be used as a soil stabilizer under pavement of any kind.

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