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Odor Control & Alternative Daily Cover 

 Landfill odor control enzyme treatment and an alternative daily cover with enzymes for bio-augmentation and enhanced organic decomposition. A two step process for applying a landfill alternative daily cover with a bio-augmentation product for odor control and organic decomposition. Call us at 915-276-0879 for an evaluation of the potential economic savings on your site when using these products. The process will:

  • Eliminate odors at their source
  • Increase the decomposition rate of organic material
  • Reduce daily cover requirements & increase air space
  • Increase revenue with increased airspace
  • Extend life of landfill
  •  Reduce reclamation costs by decreasing organic mass
  •  Reduce equipment use, operations and maintenance costs
  •  Reduce manpower requirements
  • Reduce odor complaints
  • Minimize liability and regulatory infractions due to odors

Check out the first step in YouTube at :

The second phase, also on YouTube at:

Sludge & Liquid Waste Solidification

If you also need to dispose of landfill leachate or are accepting sludge and liquid wastes for solidification and disposal we now have super absorbent polymers (SAP) from MetaFlo Technologies for solidifying a variety  of liquid wastes.  The types of waste that can be treated with these SAP’s are:

  • Waste streams containing high volumes of water such as leachate generated within a landfill
  • Waste streams that are semi solids and sludges (MetaFlo MF002)
  • Liquid wastes associated with heavy metals and leachates (MetaFlo MF006)
  • Oil based liquid wastes (MetaFlo MF008)

Use of our SAP’s will result in:

  • Waste streams that solidify within minutes
  • The treated waste streams will easily pass the paint filter test required for disposal in landfills
  • It allows for the use of dump trucks for transportation of the treated waste streams
  • Cost savings are generated by reducing the time, resources and cost for disposal of waste streams
  • These products will not increase the weight of the treated waste stream and can achieve up to a 20% reduction in weight
  • Drying out the treated waste streams over a 24-hour period will result in additional weight reductions
  • The product reduces the space requirements at a disposal site by reducing the treated waste stream volume
  • Treated waste stream volume reduction results in the extension of the life of the disposal site
  • Issues associated with liability or environmental compliance in the transportation of liquid wastes are minimized

We can also provide assistance in determining potential economic savings for using our SAP products. Call us at 915-276-0879 for more information on the products and their potential uses and economic impact.

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